Wine Review

We are no longer publishing the wine review annually, please refer to the Maturity & Drinkability information (M/D) In the My Cellar section of your dashboard.


The old adage that “all wine improves with age” has evolved over the years – it used to be that a bottle of red could be cellared for decades, but that has changed. Opimian has made it their goal to provide wines you can savour, enjoy and cellar. Our guideline – the Maturity and Drinkability (M&D) scale – clearly indicates when your wine is at its optimal drinking age. Our Masters of Wine, are familiar with Opimian’s wines and our members’ palates; this is what makes her the ideal person for the highly laborious task of tasting each wine and updating the M&Ds for those Opimian wines that are still drinkable.

Download the PDF and search a wine by typing the lot number (found on the bottle’s back label) into Acrobat’s search bar. Voilà – it jumps directly to your wine. Easy as Pinot! All M10 D10 wines are highlighted in yellow; these wines should be opened by the end of 2019. Enjoy!